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Haven't updated in a while. I'm sure nobody cares. lol

A big thanks to Linda klgrem for resizing the icon I want for my lj. I want a slashypunkboys type icon too. hmmm pop-punk boy touching raow! muhahaha

Zeb found the yaoi movies that I downloaded on his computer. muhahaha I thought he would of been happy that I put that on his computer. He probably is happy and is just lying so people won't know what a perve he really is. We already know Zeb.

Yay Easter this weekend. Mmm chocolate. Gonna but chocolate eggs for everyone tomorrow.

Might do that survey Zeb has on his lj.


PS the icon is from the EVE 6 album "Horrorscope" the cartton chick's name is Sasha. Seemed quite fitting.
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